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S7 with apical lobes narrow, parallel-sided, retrorse section of apex comma-shaped; gonostylus slender in profile, slightly tapering towards apex, basally strongly protuberant on medial margin in dorsal view (Colombia: Antioquia) A.
Ovary 5-loculed, style 5 (or 4) nearly as long as stamens, pubescent basally. Fruit, pome, oblong, pyriform, obovoid or sub-globose, 5-loculed, green or yellow when ripe, rarely reddish, dotted; sepals persistent.
Antennae basally yellow-brown, distally black, longer than head and pronotum together.
Follow-up contrast enhanced MRI of the brain was performed and showed significant regression of the post-contrast signal intensity in the right cavernous sinus, previously extending basally towards the trigeminal cave and anteriorly towards the apex of the right orbit, with right-sided temporal-basal dural sheath imbibition and imbibitions along the clivus (Fig.
The nuclei of the secretory cells are small and located basally within an eosinophilic cytoplasm that is less granular than that of the DP (Figure 4C).
The Oberhautchen cells of the middle and apical region of a scale were imbricate near the MTZ, but became more lamellate apically (thinner basally to apically and wider from side to side) (Fig.
1C, D): With hypandrium narrow, straight; gonostyle 1.5 x length of gonocoxite; gonostyle basally with a cluster of lateral setae, with scattered spiniform sensilla along length; gonocoxal condyles triangular in dorsal and ventral views; aedeagus asymmetrical; basiphallus broad in dorsal view, connected laterally to parameres by parameral-aedeagal membrane, medially to distiphallus, morphodorsally with pointed connection to ventral epandrial plate; distiphallus comprised of two lateral phallomeres and morphodorsal phallic membrane forming duct; distiphallus twisted 90[degrees] to the left; parameres triangular with a morphoventral projection carrying small, verruca-like rugae; epandrium (Fig.
Fastigium very low, wide, triangular, wider basally than antennal pedicel; pointed anteriorly and almost in contact with frontal apex at a single point; on upper side grooved or with lateral fringe.
1A): 12-segmented, relatively short, if bent backward not extending to the stalk of halters; scape black, elongated, cylindrical; pedicel black, very short, cup-shaped; flagellum black, long-cylindrical, basally expanded, each of flagellomere subequal in length; verticils black, dorsal verticils subequal to the corresponding flagellomeres from which they arise.
The dysplasia may be low grade (nuclei basally orientated within the cells) or high grade (haphazardly located nuclei).
A high-power microscopic view of the tumor (x400) demonstrated the acinar tumor cells with basally oriented nuclei and prominent nucleoli.