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Base building also gives players the ability to recruit alien lifeforms to help research new technology.
1, Appendix G, requires the energy modeler to perform two sets of deterministic energy modeling processes for two generally similar buildings to compare their yearly energy consumption (cost) and to show that the design building performs better than the base building from an energy consumption (cost) standpoint.
Whether you're altogether new to running for fitness, starting a first-marathon completion goal from a detrained state, or coming to the end of your rest following the competitive racing season, a mileage base building period is essential--and inevitable.
25 million in base building and unit renovations and has budgeted to spend an additional $20.
Discovery Park Building (Cambridge, MA) - EMCOR Services Northeast recently completed the HVAC build-out of the Discovery Park base building and tenant work for a new six-story, 240,000-square-foot building.
Base building control systems for lighting, heating, air conditioning and security are also evolving to follow the same standards, but have thus far utilized a separate building control network and independent cabling system.
Blumenfield, currently design principal for interiors with Perkins + Will, is well versed in the intricacies of both base building and interior design, having worked in both camps herself.
Construction of the base building is slated for completion in December 2004.
Dermot's focus on acquiring assets with below-market rents that require base building and unit improvements should result in stellar returns for the venture," said Steve Kohn, president of Sonnenblick Goldman.
The SlashSupport Professional Services Team includes highly trained domain experts, knowledge architects and project managers who are responsible for knowledge base building and management, as well as the technical support engineers who are responsible for live interaction with customers to ensure high levels of response and satisfaction.
has become the single source for all of a company's facility needs from site analysis, civil engineering, base building architectural design, interior design, engineering, relocation management and product procurement management.