base station

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base station

[′bās ‚stā·shən]
A land station, in the land mobile service, carrying on a service with land mobile stations (a base station may secondarily communicate with other base stations incident to communications with land mobile stations).
A station in a land mobile system which remains in a fixed location and communicates with the mobile stations.
The point from which a survey begins.
A geographic position whose absolute gravity value is known.
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base station

(1) A holder (see cradle).

(2) In general, a transmitter and receiver of electronic signals.

(3) An earth-bound transceiver station for wireless transmission to a communications satellite. See earth station and transceiver.

(4) A transceiver station for wireless transmission to cellular phones and devices. In 2G GSM systems, the base station is a "base transceiver station" (BTS). In 3G and LTE networks, base stations are known as "Node B" and "Evolved Node B" (eNB) stations respectively. See 3G, LTE and transceiver.

(5) A transceiver station for a wireless local area network (WLAN). A Wi-Fi base station is an "access point." See access point, transceiver and wireless LAN.
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In Section 3.1, we established that just as much power amplifiers and transceivers are needed as transmitting antennas of the base station. Clearly, this will influence the power consumption.
While some of these are not dependent on base station location, the majority of network-based methods are.
"We do not wake up and decide to put base stations everywhere.
The study is the first to look at the health effects of mobile phone base stations in Great Britain as a whole, and is the largest of its kind.
In light of the above studies, we would like to reassure GDN readers that there is no evidence to support any fears of health threats from our mobile base stations.
The Safety Turtle Base Station comes in two models: standard and extended range, dual alarming.
The following all have one base station with two transmitters:
(herein 'Ube Industries;' President: Masato Izumihara) announced today that the two companies have signed a joint venture agreement to manufacture ceramic filters for 5G base stations.
The Global Base Station Antennas Market is subject to witness a substantial growth due to the wide area connectivity and enhanced Omni-directional performance of the base station antennas.
Another woman sadly narrated how she lost her baby as result of the hazardous effect of the cell phone base station on the baby's health.
Huawei today launched world's first core chip specifically designed for 5G base stations, Huawei TIANGANG.
This means these base stations are employed with carrier aggregation technology, which allows for the combination of two or more frequency bands to deliver faster mobile-data speeds.