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What his business was he did not say; but after his engagement to Winnie he took the trouble to get up before noon, and descending the basement stairs, make himself pleasant to Winnie's mother in the breakfast- room downstairs where she had her motionless being.
He added: 'A lightly built member of our staff negotiated the basement stair but our Mr Halstead went crashing through.
Sh- Providing Electrical Installation Fittings And Fan At Basement Stair Case, Passage, Outdoor At Central Excise Building, Mumbai.
Pausing at the bottom of the basement stairs, we said, "Dad, did you order this?
The handprint that could not be exorcised from the brickwork is said to belong to Lord Knyvetts who, after being fatally stabbed by his own son, grabbed the wall as he stumbled down the basement stairs to his death.
Once the storm windows were muscled up the basement stairs, we washed their panes to remove the layer of dust that had collected.
I remember looking at it time and again, remembering the older gentleman who gracefully accepted defeat from our basement stairs in order to discuss a matter of importance in his life.
Her stores of happiness are threatened, though, when she takes a tumble down the basement stairs and finds herself suffering from a life-threatening condition.
Pathi in a closet under the basement stairs, doused in gasoline, with a gas can at his feet.
She called Sandra's name from the top of the basement stairs and was immediately attacked.
my grandfather descended the basement stairs / with his newly
If we are so lucky that nothing bad happens, I have learned how to save a great deal of time, money, and energy at the very least, and I have all the convenience of a supermarket right there under the basement stairs.