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But if y has at least one positive component, then one of the current basic variables blocks that increase, which drops to zero.
The patient clinical state sometimes changes suddenly or continuously; requiring the surveillance of the basic variables such as vital signs.
This was done without thinking through that a) whether the provinces are equipped in terms of teachers, infrastructure, educationalists, etc, to develop courses and other related necessary base needed to take advantage and implement this devolution and b) whether all provinces equally have the aforementioned basic variables in place failing which this inclusion would inevitably lead to unequal standard of education in different provinces leading to disadvantage of those provinces lagging behind in many fields CSS being only one of them.
Last year's Global Knowledge Index was the first of its kind, covering 131 countries selected according to the availability of reliable data at the level of basic variables. The indicators mechanism in each annual index is supervised by an advisory committee that includes international experts from leading international research organisations and centres.
THE DepEd also conducted a nationwide inventory and assessment of the readiness of public schools in terms of six basic variables: teachers, classrooms, seats, toilets, and availability of water and electricity.
One of the main characteristics of the DG method is that the basic variables (temperature) together with their temporal derivatives are assumed to be discontinuous at a defined time point and to be interpolated separately in a time step, respectively.
We can derive the values of these secondary variables in terms of the basic variables, by exploiting the power and potential of SUSY invariant restrictions.
All the 59 audio recordings/ speaker were processed and organized in a Data Base that contains the following basic variables:
Basic variables of weight, height, and BMI, differences were significant just by comparing preschoolers and schoolers against the older age groups.
Yellen didn't hide her well-known and oft-repeated opinion that the interest rate decision is dependent on the basic variables of a satisfactory improvement in economic conditions: further decline in unemployment levels accompanied by a reasonable increase in wages as a driving factor for inflation, and, finally, solid, data-proven indications that the inflation rate will lead to the 2 percent target.
The multicollinearity diagnostics between the explanatory variables and the basic variables ascorbic acid (Vit C) and total carotenoids (TC) indicated severe collinearity and variables FW, SD and TA as redundant.