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art of weaving or coiling and sewing flexible materials to form vessels or other commodities. The materials used include twigs, roots, strips of hide, splints, osier willows, bamboo splits, cane or rattan, raffia, grasses, straw, and crepe paper. Discoveries in the W United States indicate that the use of clay-covered baskets for cooking probably led to making pottery, while in the Andaman Islands pottery was evidently made first. In Egypt baskets used for storing grain in 4000 or 5000 B.C. have been excavated. The tombs of Etruria have yielded ancient specimens, and these, as well as much later Roman baskets, display weaving strokes still in use. Basketry has been employed by primitive peoples for rude huts, which they daubed with clay, and for articles of dress and adornment, granaries, traps, boats, cooking utensils, water vessels, and other utilities. There are two types of baskets—woven and coiled or sewn—but variety is afforded by the many different strokes, forms, and methods of decoration. There are many large commercial basket-weaving establishments, but basketry is still a popular home industry and is taught in schools and as occupational therapy in hospitals.
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He goes on to claim that basketry and crude weaving were probably known to the Magdalenians, and, just as birds plait nests and beavers dams, so Palaeolithic people were able to live far from natural shelters by creating artificial dwellings with wickerwork and rudimentary basketry.
Previously people buy basketry items for keeping bread, etc.
The children were very enthusiastic and eagerly awaiting their basketry materials.
RD 178 - Deviation of the Huguenot Brittany, underpass Basketry - Common Guerche de Bretagne
A wide mixture of Sindh's handicraft including home textile (Made up of intricate patch work, cut work and embroidery), basketry, jewellery, dresses, dupattas, shawals, embellished with traditional embroidery, date leaf basketry, the Mora, Hurmacho embroidery and
ISLAMABAD -- The traditional basketry display set up at Lok Mela catches the visitors' eye here at the folk festival organized by Lok Virsa.
Basketry technology: a guide to identification and analysis, rev.
Yachats Center for Lifelong Learning - The center is accepting registrations for workshops in various Japanese techniques of fabric dyeing, basketry, needlework, paper art, and calligraphy; class schedules and locations, fees, instructors and other information available at www.
A school group with an archaeology curriculum will have the opportunity to learn basketry and other crafts during the event.
Stewart Williams; Mesoamerican art from the first millennium in present-day Mexico, including jewelry, pottery, figures and even a human skull inlaid with turquoise and shells; the intricate basketry of Paiute, Washoe, Pomo, Apache, Hopi and Palm Springs' Cahuilla Indians; and some wonderfully elaborate 20th-century sculpture, including an Alexander Calder stabile and a Dale Chihuly bouquet of brightly colored blown glass.
A reading of the written content, however, reveals a scholarly discourse on tribal traditions in textiles, sculpture, ceramics, and basketry.
These specimens provide positive evidence for the production of textiles or basketry in at least one part of Europe a minimum of 7,000 to 10,000 years earlier than documented anywhere else.