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Puente (LEB 79999); Cabrillanes, Torre de Babia-La Riera, near Montiguero (Picos Albos), 29TQH3364, chionophilous basophilous grassland (Armerion cantabricae) dominated by Bellardiochloa violacea, 2162 m asl, 10-VIII-2010, E.
The basophilous species that are found there may be related with the high-mountain flora of the nearest calcareous mountain, the Gudar and Javalambre massif.
A Cardamino kitaibeli-Fagenion for basophilous beech woods and a Veronico urticifoliae-Fagenion for the acidophilous beech woods are recognized in the central Apennines, whereas there is no syntaxon to substitute for the northern Apennines Luzulo-Fagion due to the absence of extremely acidic and oligotrophic beech woods.