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base-court, basse-cour

1. A yard or ward behind the outer bailey of a castle.
2. On a farm, a service yard often reserved for fowl.
3. A lesser or service courtyard in any building.
4. (Brit.) A lower court of law.
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Et ils ne seront pas les seuls a le faire, puisque dans pas mal de pays d'Europe, on exploite le haut de sa maison, ou la basse-cour si l'on a la chance d'en posseder une, pour l'agrementer avec beaucoup de plantes belles a la vue et utiles une fois leurs fruits murs et prets a etre croques.
The garden festival site at Chaumont-sur-Loire is set on hinterland behind chateau and basse-cour.
His book comprises nine chapters, ranging chronologically from the Middle Ages to the present-day, and five interludes concerning particular architectural features: the private theatre, plumbing, the household, the basse-cour and stables.