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common name for the Tiliaceae, a family of chiefly woody shrubs and trees. Most genera are tropical, but the genus Tilia, commonly called linden, or lime tree, in Europe and Asia and basswood in North America, is found throughout the north temperate zone.
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A great nutritious food planted throughout many cities and subdivisions. Tree grows to 140 ft (45m) with tiny fruit that look like peas. Flowers are great for nervous system and for around the heartcalming people's anxiety, restlessness and nervousness, but do not take all the time though or heart problems may arise. Leaves are usually asymmetrical. The young leaves when they come out in springtime taste like romaine lettuce. That's a lot of romaine lettuce! Very safe to eat. Don't eat the old bigger leaves, they aren't worth much and hard to digest (all the nutritional energy and life force has gone into the flowers). The new young leaves however are very soothing to the digestive tract, the throat. Inner bark tea used for lung problems, stomach issues. Flowers are used for colds and fevers. Small flowers, white to yellow was are delightfully fragrant and have a honey-like flavor. The flowers have been used in a tea as a medicine in the past. NOTE: Frequent heavy consumption of linden flower tea can cause heart damage. Take it easy. Leaves are fine-eat as much as you want.


A common name for trees of the genus Tilia in the linden family of the order Malvales. Also known as linden.

basswood, American linden

A cream-colored, fine-textured, moderately low-density wood of North America; used extensively for plywood, lumber core, and trim.
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The volume of basswood produced in Ohio is a possible driver of its lower prices.
Artisans Such as Veit Stoss and Tilman Riemenschneider used basswood in their altarpieces, he said.
In addition, according to Basswood Lodge guide Nick McNamara, the lowland swamp country offers very good ruffed grouse and woodcock hunting, with the best time for these species being the month of October.
com; General Contractor: Martin Ruane Construction, 3412 Clark Road, PMB 215, Sarasota, (941) 923-8257; Hand-carved basswood arches, wine bar counter, elevator lobby mosaic, ceiling features, kitchen backsplash: Don Reynolds, Sanford, (407) 323-7273; Custom art glass ceiling in powder room and powder room door: Steve Griffin, Custom Glass Carvings, 400 70th Ave.
beech, maple, basswood, hemlock, pine, elm") different taxa and occur at regular intervals along all township boundaries and along division lines that quarter each of the townships.
I also make NA Flutes from other items such as basswood, bamboo and what I call "mystery wood," but that is another item for further writings.
Bossert's realistic basswood fish sculptures, embellished with driftwood and found objects, are sold in a Maine gallery.
Seasons of Scotland's new wood blind has already proven very popular and includes a stylish combination of basswood and bamboo, woven with a variety of attractive threads.
You'll Need * 5 different types of seeds (such as basswood, cocklebur, apple, maple, or a type of bean) * 5 different test materials: A wool sock, Styrofoam, felt, a cotton handkerchief, and cardboard Procedure: []1.
When the snows come, I envision my little friends snug in their nests located in an old woodpecker hole or in the cavity of a basswood limb.
However, the vast majority of woodland botanicals live under "sweet" soft trees, like tulip poplar, beech, maple, basswood, and dogwood.
Basswood was often used for the interior parts of drawers and furniture frames.