batch system

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batch system

[′bach ‚sis·təm]
(computer science)
A computer system that uses batch processing.

batch processing

(1) Processing a group of files or databases from start to completion rather than having the user open, edit and save each of them one at a time. For example, a graphics conversion utility can change a selected group of images from one format to another (see DeBabelizer).

(2) Processing a group of transactions at one time. Transactions are collected and processed against the master files (master files updated) at the end of the day or some other time period. Contrast with transaction processing.

Batch and Transaction Processing
Information systems typically use both batch and transaction processing methods. For example, in an order processing system, "transaction processing" is the continuous updating of the customer and inventory files as orders are entered. At the end of the month, statements are printed (batch processed) and mailed to customers.

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Caption: Some batch systems require large receptacles.
(2006) emphasize the efficiency of the flow-through system for the scallop Argopecten gibbus larviculture, highlighting the profitability of this system over the batch system.
During the experiment, the glovebox containing the anoxic batch systems was purged with [N.sub.2]/[H.sub.2] (95: 5) gas at 0.5 bar for 5 minutes every 24 hours.
The process still used for rubber compounding is the same used one century ago, when it was developed as a batch system, for technological reasons.
However you design your batch system, by sure to take its considerable weight into account if you intend to place it on the roof.
* Either a loss-in-weight or gain-in-weight batch system. The Rotary Scalpel can be utilized to handle a variety of materials, even fines such as flour 3i's Technologies (609) 910-1342
Once the IRS engages the batch system, cases move through the examination process automatically.
"Our latest release greatly simplifies batch systems development and deployment, while providing the comprehensive capability and power of S88.
There are several processes for coloring the mulch, with probably the most popular being a batch system in which the wood is ground and colored in separate processes.
Known as the Portable Batch System (PBS), the software enables system administrators to specify the order in which individual programs should be processed.
NIST researchers led the workshop for users of their micromagnetic software, the Object-Oriented MicroMagnetic Framework (OOMMF) Topics included advanced techniques for specifying micromagnetic problems, using OOMMF to investigate dynamic effects in micromagnetics, and the use of a batch system to control large numbers of micromagnetic simulations.
It was a mail-in batch system for the unique financial requirements of the industry, including Medicaid and Medicare reporting.