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see anglerangler
or anglerfish,
common name for a member of the order Lophiiformes, predacious fishes found worldwide; many are deep-sea dwellers. Anglers lure their prey with a long, wormlike appendage that extends forward and dangles over the mouth.
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Originally found in tropical waters ranging from Japan to Australia, the batfish has also been recorded off the coast of Florida, possibly as a result of individuals from home aquariums being dumped into the sea.
To ensnare meals, the batfish "has the most remarkable lure-like appendage in its forehead, just below the rostrum," says McCosker.
Several collectibles are also available in this hidden lot such as Batfish, mushrooms, sage and more.
Two new species of pancake batfish have been found in the Gulf of Mexico near the Deepwater Horizon oil leak.
The blobfish is considered one of the world's ugliest creatures, along with the naked mole rat, the red-lipped batfish and the warthog
But to get really up close and personal you should don diving gear and take a stroll with the cute batfish, the friendly-faced bullethead parrotfish and even the odd blacktip reef shark, who is apparently harmless and doesn't deserve the bad press usually accorded to the species.
Salps, ctenophores, and batfish (Platax spp.) were considered accidental bycatch, whereas long-finned fathead (Cubiceps pauciradiatus) was a prey item of both tunas and whales.
Sinister SE A LIFE scaries during October 28-30 at the Birmingham SEA LIFE Centre will feature a terror trail past ghastly ghost fish, spooky batfish and other fishy frights.
Three were new records for PNG: stingray, Dasyatis bennetti (specimen disc width 650 mm); frogfish, Kuiterichthys furcipilis (specimen TL 53 mm); and batfish, Drepane longimana (specimen TL 168 mm).
It is also home to the biggest batfish and lionfish I have ever seen, along with millions of glassfish which part gracefully to allow you to swim through.
The Japanese cargo ship sank during World War II and has been a shelter to batfishes since then.
And two new fish species, both pancake batfishes, are discovered in a habitat that has been threatened by the Gulf oil spill (SN: 8/14/10, p.