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see anglerangler
or anglerfish,
common name for a member of the order Lophiiformes, predacious fishes found worldwide; many are deep-sea dwellers. Anglers lure their prey with a long, wormlike appendage that extends forward and dangles over the mouth.
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Originally found in tropical waters ranging from Japan to Australia, the batfish has also been recorded off the coast of Florida, possibly as a result of individuals from home aquariums being dumped into the sea.
However, they probably won't get to spend much time together as the sea robins are going into our open-topped sandy seabed display while the batfish is destined for our tropical reef display.
To ensnare meals, the batfish "has the most remarkable lure-like appendage in its forehead, just below the rostrum," says McCosker.
The blobfish is considered one of the world's ugliest creatures, along with the naked mole rat, the red-lipped batfish and the warthog
Sinister SE A LIFE scaries during October 28-30 at the Birmingham SEA LIFE Centre will feature a terror trail past ghastly ghost fish, spooky batfish and other fishy frights.
Three were new records for PNG: stingray, Dasyatis bennetti (specimen disc width 650 mm); frogfish, Kuiterichthys furcipilis (specimen TL 53 mm); and batfish, Drepane longimana (specimen TL 168 mm).
It is also home to the biggest batfish and lionfish I have ever seen, along with millions of glassfish which part gracefully to allow you to swim through.