bathroom cabinet

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medicine cabinet

A storage cabinet for medical supplies, toilet articles, and the like.
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The bathroom cabinet takes most of the strain, followed by the windowsill and around the edge of the bath.
80, B&Q Aquarius mirrored bathroom cabinet, [euro]62, Littlewoods ireland.
retro-tastic Fans of Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour Cream will love the new limited edition collectible version of the hero product, which comes in 1980s inspired packaging that will brighten any bathroom cabinet.
THOSE who prefer to take favourite things from the bathroom cabinet can decant them into small containers.
Back in the 1950s the only male item to be found in the bathroom cabinet was a pot of Brylcreem.
Specialty Manufacturing/ Wholesale of doors for kitchen and bath, clientele is comprised of manufacturers of kitchen and bathroom cabinet for the end client.
4 Dash to the bathroom cabinet, get the razor out and hurriedly (not the best idea) de-fuzz.
59, is one of a handful of beauty products which has just been given Fair Trade status, so now your bathroom cabinet can be as ethical as your wardrobe and your pantry.
Mrs Sayers of York Street, Elswick, told Newcastle magistrates that some of the pounds 40,000 found in two plastic bags hidden in her bathroom cabinet was part of her life savings.
A ten-year-old boy who was "grounded" by his mother for playing truant died after swallowing 30 paracetamol tablets taken from her bathroom cabinet, an inquest heard yesterday.