bathroom cabinet

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medicine cabinet

A storage cabinet for medical supplies, toilet articles, and the like.
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The bathroom cabinet takes most of the strain, followed by the windowsill and around the edge of the bath.
Bensham bath shower mixer, [euro]185, Bathstore Kristen Paste The Wall wallpaper in Black & Cream With A Flock Finish by Statement, [euro]55.80, B&Q Aquarius mirrored Kristen Paste The Wall wallpaper in Black & Cream With A Flock Finish by Statement, [euro]55.80, B&Q Aquarius mirrored bathroom cabinet, [euro]62, Littlewoods
Aliens have turned me into a toothbrush and locked me in the bathroom cabinet.
Mintel consultant David Jago said: "Product suppliers are plundering the kitchen for new ideas for both organic and all-natural ranges, with the result that the bathroom cabinet is looking increasingly like the kitchen larder."
Bathroom Etiquette 1: Men Need Space in the Bathroom Cabinet Too.
A sure fire way to show how hip you are is by having a bathroom cabinet chock full of cult brands and the latest sleeping sensation is Ren.
fair enough This Fair Trade Foot Lotion from Lush,, pounds 7.59, is one of a handful of beauty products which has just been given Fair Trade status, so now your bathroom cabinet can be as ethical as your wardrobe and your pantry.
In 1987, he won eight competitions and topped the money list on the European Tour, becoming the first European to earn more than a million dollars in one season - money he clearly banked for hair products to keep in the bathroom cabinet as the ageing process set in.
Mrs Sayers of York Street, Elswick, told Newcastle magistrates that some of the pounds 40,000 found in two plastic bags hidden in her bathroom cabinet was part of her life savings.
Back in the 1950s the only male item to be found in the bathroom cabinet was a pot of Brylcreem.
No matter how well you brush your teeth, there are always tiny places you can't reach - and that's why this dental pick and scaler kit is a great addition to your bathroom cabinet.