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a strong steel deep-sea diving sphere, lowered by cable



a strong, usually steel, sphere-shaped chamber with equipment for underwater observation; it is lowered on a cable from a surface vessel. There is equipment in the bathysphere for air regeneration, measurement devices, and a telephone; there are also several observation windows.

The first descent in a bathysphere was made by the Italian Balzamello in the Mediterranean in 1892, to a depth of 165 m. In 1911 the American engineer H. Hartman descended in a bathysphere in the Mediterranean to a depth of 458 m. In 1934 the Americans W. Beebe and O. Barton descended in the bathysphere Age of Progress to a depth of 923 m near Bermuda, and in 1948, after a series of improvements, O. Barton descended in a bathysphere near California to a depth of 1,360 m. Since the 1950’s hydrostats have been used instead of bathyspheres for oceanographic exploration (and in some cases, for work connected with the raising of sunken vessels).


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(naval architecture)
A spherical chamber in which persons are lowered for observation and study of ocean depths.
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A few weeks later the American Otis Barton's improved version of the bathysphere, called a benthoscope, reached 4,518 ft (1,377 m).
This original bathysphere has recently been restored and will soon be on display at the New York Aquarium.
Under Wheeler Mountain, I peered out my windows as if in a bathysphere, watching birds of passage or random mammals--a stalky bobcat, a sinuous fisher--and the wide, ancient, homely cliffs that towered up with cracks across them like the pentimento of a thin-lipped grin, and two slightly mounded, snoutlike nostrils near the top.
Beebe explored the deeper layers of the ocean with his bathysphere (see 1934).
But you'd think that as much as he identified in Ancient Evenings with Menenhetet on the Boat of Ra, he'd identify even more with a brave pariah who dropped by bathysphere into himself to see why people hurt the way they do; the dream-decoder; the first deconstructionist.
Best known for being the first person to dive to 2,000 feet under the ocean in an iron bathysphere lowered from a ship, he also wrote two dozen best-selling books on his wildlife studies in Trinidad, the Galapagos Islands, British Guiana, the Himalayas, and many other places.
Grabbing a weekend away from my suburban home (where one mows the lawn and hopes that the bluebirds will nest again in their bluebird box), I got up for a couple of days to a camp on the Canadian border that I've used for two decades as a bathysphere in the ocean of nature.
As a boy, Strahl read the works of bathysphere inventor William Beebe, who served as the zoo's first curator of birds and who studied the hoatzin in South America during the early years of the century.
We drop, as if by bathysphere, into the primordial greed and consult the original crab.