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1. a thin stick used by the conductor of an orchestra, choir, etc., to indicate rhythm or expression
2. Athletics a short bar carried by a competitor in a relay race and transferred to the next runner at the end of each stage
3. a long stick with a knob on one end, carried, twirled, and thrown up and down by a drum major or drum majorette, esp at the head of a parade



an object used for dynamic twirling exercises in performance and sport gymnastics. Batons are made of wood or of wood and metal; they consist of a stick 40 to 55 cm long, with a neck and a head. They have various designs and weigh between 400 and 500 g. Exercises with the baton contribute to the development of the shoulder muscles, the flexibility of the arm joints, and motor coordination.

baston, baton, batoon

bastide, 1
1. A torus.
2.See batten.


1. A narrow strip of wood applied to cover a joint along the edges of two parallel boards in the same plane.
2. A strip of wood fastened across two or more parallel boards to hold them together; also called a cross batten
3. A flat strip of wood attached to a wall as a base for lathing, plastering, etc.; also called a furring strip.
4. In roofing, a wood strip applied over boards or roof structural members; used as a base for the attachment of slate, wood, or clay-tile shingles.
5.See board and batten
6. A board usually 2 in. (5 cm) to 4 in. (10 cm) thick and usually used as a lathing support or in flooring.
7. A steel strip used to secure metal flooring on a fire escape.
8. On a theater stage, a strip of wood to frame, stiffen, or reinforce a flat, or to fasten several flats together.
9. On a theater stage, length of hollow metal of round, square, or rectangular cross section used in connection with stage rigging to hang scenery or lighting equipment, such as a pipe batten or lighting batten.
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Ms Jones said around 3800 batonbearers throughout Australia will have carried the Baton by April 4.
Highlighting the salient features of the Queen baton relay ceremony, POA Chief said a four member team carrying the baton will be received at Allama Iqbal Airport Lahore.
On Friday, the baton will be taken to Dolwyddelan Castle in the Conwy Valley.
The baton itself measures 40cm in length and 4cm in diameter and is decorated with a red dragon, daffodils, leeks and crowns.
Following an event involving First Minister Carwyn Jones the baton will then be carried in a relay at Barry Island from 1pm to 2.
The Torchwood star delighted onlookers by taking part in an impromptu rendition of Scotland the Brave after handing the baton over in Greenbank Garden House.
An amazing 130 people nominated him as baton bearer.
A presentation saw the baton passed from Commonwealth Games England to the Commonwealth Games Federation for its final journey through Scotland, leaving Alnwick at 7.
The baton carries a message from the Head of the Commonwealth, currently Queen Elizabeth II.
Dame Kelly Holmes, president of Commonwealth Games England, said: "I'm encouraging everyone in Alnwick to get involved when the Queen's Baton Relay comes to Northumberland - find out what event is taking place and if you can be there then please go and cheer on your baton bearers and be part of the Team England send-off to Glasgow
On its final leg, the baton will be taken the length and breadth of Scotland on the way to its ultimate destination, the opening ceremony.