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Additional accessories for the rotating laser include a batter board adapter, batter board receiver holder, facade adapter and tripod.
The next day we marked the exact location where each pillar was to sit on its pad using a tape measure and plumb bob and working from the batter board strings.
marks and move the end of the string line along the batter board until the distance is exactly 10 ft.
These valets can be used for multiple applications, and replace wood stakes and cleats used for batter boards, footings and edge boards in concrete construction.
Home improvement books and TV shows always recommend laying out deck footings with batter boards and string.
In Westminster, 2-foot-high batter boards on top of Crocker Pond dam broke loose, as they are designed to do in high water.
For a real-world illustration, use batter boards to mimic the vanishing-edge wall.
Use the dimensions from these plates to set up the batter boards and strings (Photos 2 and 3).
4 INSTALL batter boards outside the perimeter of each corner of the deck so that the center of the batter boards is "eyeball" square to the left and right ends of the ledger board.
Use string lines and batter boards to establish the perimeter of your porch (Photo 1).
Use batter boards and strings to define and square up the perimeter of the porch (Photo 1).