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Following is a summary of the characteristics of popular battery technologies. For more details, see solid state battery, lead acid, nickel cadmium, nickel metal hydride, lithium ion, lithium polymer, liquid metal battery, zinc air, CMOS battery and memory effect.

 CHARACTERISTICS OF RECHARGEABLE BATTERIESSelf                   Recharge         Dis-         Energy    Cycles    Fast   charge         Density   To 80%   Charge  Per Type    (Wh/Kg)*  Capacity  (hrs)  Month

  State    400-500   1500     1-5     5%

  Cadmium   45-80    1500     1      20%

 Nickel Metal
  Hydride   60-120  300-500   2-4    30%

  Ion      110-160  300-500   2-4    10%

  Polymer  100-130  300-500   2-4    10%

 Lead Acid   30-50  200-300   8-16    5%

                    To 50%     Capacity
  Alkaline    80      50      2-3    0.3%

  Data courtesy of
  Cadex Electronics Inc. (

  * Wh/Kg = watt hours per kilogram

A Lot of Batteries
This roomful of lead acid batteries stands ready to drain itself entirely in less than a minute. It serves as interim power for a large datacenter between the time a power outage has been detected and the generators can come up to full speed.
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Many batteries look the same, yet are not interchangeable with those designed uniquely for other equipment.
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At the supermarket retail shelf, there may be a few SKUs of lithium batteries and rechargeables, and a rack of hearing-aid batteries, yet the big picture is the same as it has been for many decades: alkaline batteries rule the alphabet segment.
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Advanced Battery Consortium (USABC; Ford and DaimlerChrysler are members, as well), which is dedicated to the development of electrochemical energy storage technologies, like lithium-ion batteries. In December 2006, USABC awarded A123Systems (Watertown, MA; with a $15-million contract for the development of lithium ion technology; in January '07, GM announced that Cobasys, a battery developer who is working in partnership with A123Systems, is one of two companies that GM has signed contracts with for the development of lithium-ion batteries (with the other being Johnson Controls-Saft Advanced Power Solutions; see sidebar: "GM Places Lithium-Ion Bets").