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batted work, broad tooled

A hand-dressed stone surface scored from top to bottom in narrow parallel strokes, (usually 8 to 10 per inch) (20 to 25 per centimeter), by use of a batting tool. The strokes may be vertical or oblique.
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Another ground which gives advantage to sides batting first in the championship and second in one-dayers.
Andy Hall First-class career batting average: 34.50 First-class career bowling average: 29.98 2003 first-class batting average: 31.78 2003 first-class bowling average: 23.51 One-day career batting average: 32.92 One-day career bowling average:29.98 (4.40 runs per over) 2003 one-day batting average: 21.38 2003 one-day bowling average: 26.9 (4.29 runs per over) Much like Bichel, Hall has been chosen as much for his character as his ability.
This season Hampshire's championship matches have all been low-scoring but that probably has more to do with early-season swing and the fact that the hosts are a poor batting side and the visiting outfits have been even worse.
The towel bat is used on deck to get loose before you get ready to hit in batting practice or in a game.
Ted Williams, one of the game's all-time best hitters with a lifetime .344 batting average, said that batting is one of the most difficult tasks in sports.
By practicing off the batting tee, you will become more comfortable with the release.
Whenever the batter comes up to bunt, he must assume a position up in the batting box to enable him to place the bat over or slightly in front of the plate.
The individual hitters can, if they choose, use their own bats in batting practice.
In analyzing the capabilities of their hitters, coaches will always focus on batting averages, runs batted in, and home runs.
If, say, you were a left-handed spray hitter, I could tell you what your batting average was on a one-pitch-at-bat for my fastball, slider, and screwball.
One of the most essential starting points is the identification of the player's batting style.