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batted work, broad tooled

A hand-dressed stone surface scored from top to bottom in narrow parallel strokes, (usually 8 to 10 per inch) (20 to 25 per centimeter), by use of a batting tool. The strokes may be vertical or oblique.
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Captain Bellingham is best known for his position in the batting averages a year or two ago, and for his subsequent failure to obtai a place in any of the five Test Matches.
He said Asad Shafiq's century in Dubai is good boost for Pakistani battings.
"If our batting played upto the potential and our fielders backed the bowlers, Pakistan team can down Protease," he commented.
He said in presence of great variety in spinners like Afridi, Hafeez, Ajmal and Rehman, Pakistan should trouble formidable South Africa batting.
"That will help us in including an extra batsman to strengthening our batting," he added.