battle damage assessment

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battle damage assessment (BDA)

The timely and accurate estimate of damage resulting from the application of military force, either lethal or nonlethal, against a predetermined objective. BDA can be applied to the employment of all types of weapon systems (air, ground, naval, and special forces) throughout the range of military operations. BDA is primarily an intelligence responsibility with required inputs and coordination from the operators. BDA is composed of physical damage assessment, functional damage assessment, and target system assessment in respect to the degree of neutralization as well as the duration for which a facility has been rendered nonfunctional. This assessment is usually made on the basis of visual, photo, or electronic reconnaissance. Generally referred to as BDA.
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Fast and accurate battle damage assessment and repair will lead to improved combat effectiveness, by reducing the time to get damaged aircraft back to mission capable status.
The effectiveness of the strike abilities of fast attack submarines can be magnified by using the UAV to provide real-time imagery to conduct strike operations and battle damage assessment. The UAV can significantly improve the mission of special operations forces by providing real-time updates on target location and disposition of hostile forces.
In our initial ACE construct, we established the GEOINT, targeting, and battle damage assessment cells in the main ACE tent for better support to the fusion and operations cells and away from collection management.
The aircraft's low speed and high-fidelity optics also allow one to conduct battle damage assessment almost immediately.
During our battle damage assessment, we saw that the house was destroyed.
See Note 2 in Appendix D of IETM 9-1025-215-24&P, Battle Damage Assessment and Repair (BDAR).
ISAF confirmed that "civilians were discovered in the vehicles following the airstrike during a battle damage assessment", but added they have taken steps to ensure that such things do not happen in the future.
As he was accomplishing his battle damage assessment check, smoke began pouring into the cockpit from behind the Vertical Situation Display.
Primarily air-to-ground missions include precision strike warfare employing weapons guided by lasers and global positioning systems, forward air controller airborne, close air support, low altitude night navigation and real time battle damage assessment.
* As the Defense Department's current ISR and battle damage assessment systems are "pushing the limits of what we can achieve from space and airborne platforms," U.S.

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