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'We have the potential to have a Silicon Bay Delta there.
(32) In addition, the alteration of hydrology and the effects of other human activities have devastated the Bay Delta, the largest freshwater estuary in the lower 48 states, resulting in the decline of numerous fish species, including the threatened Delta Smelt.
The proposed ballot measure is an effort to halt the California Water Fix (formerly known as the Bay Delta Conservation Plan).
Similarly, the Bay Delta Conservation Plan (BDCP), an HCP developed
This scenario suggests that one-quarter of all homes in California would be destroyed, and an estimated 1.5 million residents would be forced to evacuate the Central Valley and the San Francisco Bay delta.
The program will focus on eight critical conservation areas: the Great Lakes Region; Chesapeake Bay Watershed; Mississippi River Basin; Longleaf Pine Range; Columbia River Basin; California Bay Delta; Prairie Grasslands; and the Colorado River Basin.
Thirty-five percent of total funding will be divided among ''critical'' areas including the Great Lakes, the Chesapeake Bay watershed, the Columbia, Colorado and Mississippi river basins, the Longleaf Pine Range, prairie grasslands and the California Bay Delta.
California's worsening drought is raising the stakes for the $15 billion controversial Bay Delta Conservation Plan endorsed by Governor Jerry Brown to build two 30-mile water tunnels under an ecologically sensitive river delta east of San Francisco Bay.
Over the last 15 years, I've been working primarily on the San Francisco Bay delta restoration.
Another example is the CALFED-San Francisco Bay Delta Restoration Program in California, a cooperative effort of more than 20 state and federal agencies working with local communities to improve the quality and reliability of California's water supplies and revive the San Francisco Bay-Delta ecosystem.
Statewide, citizens on March 7 will vote up or down Proposition 13, which would issue some $2 billion in bonds to help restore the degraded Bay delta region near Sacramento.

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