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A tingling sensation of the skin or a mucous membrane following light, tactile stimulation.


(text, tool)
A text editor, file translator and TCL interpreter for the Macintosh.

Version 5.0v1. The text editor breaks the 32K limit (like MPW).

The file translation utilities support drag and drop handling via tcl scripts of BinHex, MacBinary, Apple Computer Single/Double, StuffIt (with engine), Unix compress, Unix tar and UUencode files as well as text translation.

Tickle implements tcl 7.0 with tclX extensions and Macintosh equivalents of Unix's ls, pwd, cd commands. It provides Macintosh access to Resource Manager, Communications Toolbox, OSA Components (and AppleScript), Editions (publish and subscribe) and Apple Events (including AEBuild and AEPrint). OSA Script support allows programming of any OSA scripting component within Tickle interpreter windows. It provides the OSAtcl and OSAJ J/APL extensions and creates "Ticklets" which are small application programs that carry only the tcl script and use code in the OSAtcl component to drive an application that allows drag and drop with tcl scripts. Tickle is scriptable and recordable.


E-mail: <time@ice.com>.
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Shoppers will be tickled pink today if they make a trip to a supermarket.
If you think I am joking then you are quite prepared to laugh and be tickled pink at the thought of being cheated.
Let's hope they're all replaced before Manchester United arrive for the FA Cup Final against Chelsea a week on Saturday - their fans won't be tickled pink by what stadium boss Alex Horne is calling "photochromic degradation" (that's "sun damage" to you and me).

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