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The object, about 2 inches by 1 inch and less than 1 inch thick, was found in August by a team excavating a roughly 1,000-year-old house that had been dug into the side of a beach ridge by early Inupiat Eskimos at Cape Espenberg on the Seward Peninsula, which lies within the Bering Land Bridge National Preserve.
However, peat at Kroodi (12 km east of Tallinn), buried under the Litorina Sea beach ridge (Orviku 1936), was dated to 7730 [+ or -] 80 [sup.
The land is considered unique coastal beach ridge habitat, with approximately 2,400-feet of frontage on western Lake Erie.
Specifically, the cores were used to determine the elevation of coarse-grained, plunge-point deposits at the base of the foreshore sequence that accumulated at or near the elevation of the lake when each beach ridge formed.
Sand was needed for numerous defence constructions and the Litorina Sea beach ridge nearby was a suitable place to excavate it.
The upper 5 m of the ridge consists of well-sorted well rounded gravel and pebbles with fine to coarse sand interlayers typical of beach ridge sediments.
Niagara Falls: Niagara Falls State Park, Niagara Falls Observation Tower, Niagara Falls Boulevard, Niagara Thruway (Interstate 190), Niagara Falls International Airport and terminals, Rainbow Bridge, Buffalo Avenue (Route 384), Walnut Avenue (Route 62), Beach Ridge, Amherst Veterans Canal Park, Hennepin Park, Hoffman, Jayne Park, LaSalle Expressway, Ninety First Street Park, Seventieth Street Park, West Canal County Park, Love Canal, Mario Park, Military Boulevard (Route 265), Nashville, Gluck Park, Goat Island, Main Street (Route 104), John Day Boulevard, DeVeaux Woods State Park, Robert Moses Parkway, Devils Hole State Park, and Hyde Park Boulevard (Route 61).
Faisal al-Naimi The 25m-long trench has been excavated across a beach ridge which has revealed many overlying prehistoric layers.
In the case of Lake Wyara, site 3 was in a beach ridge, and field textures varied down the profile from sand to light clay (essentially a texture-contrast soil).
The Tidal Flat is located in the southern part of the region; it is bordered on the inland by the High Plain and on the coast by the Beach Ridge Plain (Figures 2a and 3a).
This study examines the development of the beach ridge plain at Sturgeon Bay, Michigan, and the soil formation in the ridges.
Worse, similarly-sized Cape Pond and Beach Ridge Pond dried up.