beacon house

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A tall structure, such as a tower, with a powerful source of light on top; located on a sea-coast or other water channel to provide guidance for mariners at sea. Lighthouses were important facilities in establishing seafaring commerce and continued to be influential until the latter part of the 20th century, when they were largely replaced by electronic guidance systems.
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Lords of Beacon House, a three-piece rock 'n' roll band from Los Angeles, are coming to Eugene on Tuesday to promote their self-titled debut album.
The Military Family Assistance Project has expanded to include six partner nonprofits, including Clubhouse of Suffolk/SC United Veterans, Family Service League, Hope for the Warriors, Mental Health Association of Nassau County, Transitional Services of New York for Long Island and the United Veterans Beacon House. In the first half of 2012, the project assisted 79 military families with a wide range of needs.
Dua Akhter - Beacon house School secured first position, Ayesha Najeeb - Habib Public School got second and Rudaba Khan - Shah Wilayat School got third position in Urdu language debate competition.
They merely offer my perspective on the current insurance issues within the addiction treatment field and how we at Beacon House in California have managed to maneuver through the maze of changing policies and procedures presented to us by third-party payers--and why we continue to do so.
The new owners of Beacon House in Cullercoats have asked the council to dismantle the navigational mast behind the property.
Synbiosis, Beacon House, Nuffield Rd., Cambridge CB4 1TF UK.
Robinson runs his Beacon House Community Ministry on a shoestring and pays himself a scant $12,000 a year.
Justice Ijaz Ul Ahsan said around 256 percent profit increase was witnessed in the profits of Forebal Schools Karachi while Beacon House School earned 32.5 percent profit and the Lahore Grammar School earned around 40 percent profit.
Boys U-13: Basit Khan (Fazaia Faisal) bt Shayan Abbasi (Generation School) 3-2; Ismail (Generation School) bt Rehman (Beacon House School) 3-0; Labeeb Butt (Fazaia Malir ) bt Umer Khan (Beacon House) 3-0; Ismail (Delson School) bt Ali Shah (Falcon House School) 3-1.
He said the raiding team confiscated the data of Beacon College Campus University Road Sargodha, City School Campus Sargodha, Beacon House KG Campus Sargodha, City School Junior Campus and City School Senior Branch Jhang .
A lawyer for Beacon House told the bench that private schools' fee structure and annual increase differ from each other.
Lahore Waste Management Company in close coordination with district administration conducted Cleanliness Awareness Seminar at Beacon house School System on Clean and Green campaign.