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Collectively the bead moldings used in ornamenting a given surface; Also see bead.
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BOPA took a trip to Maake and Ngwatle settlements to get first-hand information from the two beneficiaries, regarding their life journeys in beadwork.
A lot of Great Lakes-region beadwork has what can be referred to as "asymmetrical balance." In this case, the purse's pattern shows differently colored beaded flowers on both sides in slightly dissimilar arrangements.
I see beadwork as an opportunity to showcase my skills as an artist, but also as an educational opportunity.
Born in the Philippines and adopted by a family in Oregon, her passion for beadwork started at age 7 when someone gave her a kit filled with plastic beads.
Step-by-step color photos of the entire process accompany projects designed to teach jewelers how to blend beadwork into metalwork for maximum impact.
AN EXHIBITION of African beadwork on show in Gateshead pulled together creative strands of a partnership linking thousands of miles.
There are also free Make & Take sessions featuring beadwork and jewellery making, stamping and papercraft, embossing and pyrography and marbling.Tickets start from PS9, and are available from or call 01425 277988.
Today, we have been instructed to offer by auction a native North American Blackfoot tribe squaw's beadwork costume piece.
Yvonne Jobin, traditional artist, designer and spiritualist of Cree First Nations offers a variety of classes in traditional beadwork, moccasin-making, medicine wheel teachings, ceremonial drums and porcupine quillwork at her gallery in Inglewood.
Phoenix rising: Narratives in Nyonya beadwork from the Straits Settlements
Yes, traditional Xhosa beadwork. Around the time I was doing the research, a local museum had a collection of beadwork on view [to attract tourists] visiting for the World Cup.