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Everyone touts the use of infrared beak trimming, rather than using a hot iron.
There is ongoing work under way to educate MPs about the implications, and the need to delay any potential policy until birds can be reared without beak trimming, with no impact on welfare.
During conventional beak trimming, one-third to one-half of the beak is removed.
It appears that the beak trimming standard followed by CHRH is based on what is left of the beak after trimming, not on what is actually trimmed.
I do not recommend beak trimming unless the beak is maloccluded.
The first study examined the comparative feeding behaviors of laying hens with or without beak trimming and revealed intriguing results.
Next April, researchers in Nottinghamshire, will start an 18-month pilot study to look at less invasive ways of beak trimming.
In Europe, legislators have banned beak trimming and mandated how many square inches of space and other criteria producers must meet for poultry.
An overgrown beak should not be ignored, but unless you have had training in beak trimming, a trip to the veterinarian is advisable.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Electric Debeaker: Power cord, Beak support Operation Power/Foot Pedals, adaptable for beak trimming & toe clipping
Agriculture Minister Jim Paice announced a legal stocking density for chickens bred for meat of 39 kg/m2 and said he aimed to completely outlaw beak trimming by 2016.
ABSTRACT : Beak trimming in laying hens is a routine practice in which about 1/3-1/2 of the upper and lower beak is removed with the aim of reducing cannibalism.