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Influence of culture duration and ciliogenesis on the relationship between ciliary beat frequency and temperature in nasal epithelial cells.
Beat frequency of a comb row was determined by following the upright stage of the beat cycle (midway through the effective stroke) of a single comb plate (Fig.
The hyperactivated flagellar movement can be easily distinguished from the activated flagellar movement by its large bending and slow beating; namely, the activated spermatozoa had symmetrical flagellar movement with high beat frequency and small amplitude (Fig.
That is quite a lot for hummingbirds because they hardly change their wing beat frequency," Sapir said.
CEO] (typically 20 MHz, or 40 MHz after frequency doubling to the visible) and the beat frequency [f.
This capability eliminates the effects of spurious beat frequency signals, cross talk, and intermodulation.
The beat frequency, near 8 kHz, is consistent with a slight difference in frequency between interior and exterior units in the 19 x 28 sensor array; that frequency difference can be explained by a small difference in their spring lengths, possibly influenced by difference in anchor rigidity.
One of the ways to find the beat frequency is to use a photodetector in a point of the region of interference of the two waves.
The numbers can be used to calculate an animal's flying or swimming speed based on a count of its beat frequency and its estimate of wingspan.
In the CW mode, when the altimetric beat frequency becomes equal or greater than its maximum corresponding to the critical altitude [H.
Measurements from the graph were used to determine the beat frequency.
This enables one to obtain the maximum resolution of details, (ii) for large deformation intervals, the beat frequency or beat period (inverse creep rate) was measured by a timer and plotted as a function of strain.