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Reflecting back almost a year later, I see how Romero's beatification, and my parish's invitation to celebrate here in the U.
Catholics who swarmed Madrid for the beatification from Africa, Latin America and the Philippines were confident that would happen.
Beatification is third of four steps toward sainthood.
Another 29 youngsters from the school were involved in the choir of 2,500 which performed in Latin during the beatification ceremony.
This miracle was instrumental in leading to his beatification (Zenit.
Afterwards, the Patriarch received head of Kefraya (Koura) municipality Youssof Samrout, who congratulated him on the new beatification and confirmed to him his adherence to the Lebanese coexistence formula.
Meanwhile, a Vatican spokeswoman has denied reports suggesting that John Paul II's beatification has been put back until 2011 after emerging doubts about the nun's "cure.
The beatification of Cardinal Newman, who died in 1890, brings him closer to being made England's first non-martyred saint since the Reformation.
Fr William Dempsey, who has dedicated his life to Fr Mullen's beatification, claimed many TB sufferers who visit Fr Mullen's grave in Phillip-stown were cured after lying on it.
The beatification of a French priest has been suspended after revelations of his anti-Semitic writings.
The pontiff broke with the church practice of waiting five years after a candidate's death before starting the process of beatification.