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The main reason SSI rolls are exploding is that SSI spends millions beating the bushes for new clients.
Brix, who is president of CRYSTEX, is beating the bushes for investors and R&D partners.
Said Manley, "I find that the old way of going on the road with your product, beating the bushes locally by traveling from city to city, is back.
They were beating the bushes for $8 million to $10 million, now suddenly they appear ready to settle for as little as $3 million," said Jan Castro, Managing Director of Pala Investments AG, advisor to Pala.
But a third indie, Litton Entertainment, is also starting to grab the attention of the industry after two decades of beating the bushes to scare up sales of the latest weekly fang-and-claw half-hour hosted by Jack Hanna.
Cash is rolling in, and companies are reinvesting and beating the bushes for talent.
Instead of blaming conservatives for the problem, Irving Leemon should be either beefing up the liberal shows for ratings or beating the bushes for liberal sponsors who don't care about ratings.
Matear's Timmins-based non-profit technology group has been beating the bushes for grassroots support for more than a year in its.
BIRDERS FLOCK TO SEE GROSBEAK: Bird lovers in southern Oregon have been beating the bushes with their binoculars hoping to catch a glimpse of a rare rose-breasted grosbeak, which has been seen hanging around a Medford bird feeder since Saturday.