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The process by which thin sheets, slabs, scales, plates, or flakes of rock are successively broken loose or stripped from the outer surface of a large rock mass in response to release of load. Also known as exfoliation.
A continuous film of a material such as plastic.
Steel or wood members used to face the walls of an excavation such as a basement or a trench.
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sheathing, sheeting

diagonal wooden sheathing
1. The covering (usually wood boards, plywood, or wallboards) placed over exterior studding or rafters of a building; provides a base for the application of wall or roof cladding. Also see sheeting.
2. In colonial America, boards on the interior of a house that served as an interior surface finish.

sheeting, sheathing

horizontal sheeting
1. Members of wood, concrete, or steel (horizontal or vertical) used to hold up the face of an excavation. Also see closed sheeting, open sheeting.
2.See sheathing.
3. Boards which form the surface of concrete form-work.
4. Same as sheetpiling.
5. Any material in the form of sheets.
6. A rock structure in which there are numerous small closely spaced fractures.
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