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the act or habit of involuntarily urinating in bed

Bed-Wetting (Enuresis)


Bed-wetting, which is technically referred to as enuresis, is common in children up to about age three. Although diagnosed as a disorder (primary enuresis) after age three, it does not necessarily indicate a serious problem (e.g., at least 15 percent of all children continue bed-wetting up to age five). In some adults bed-wetting is related to physiological disorders or to a congenitally small bladder, but it is more often the result of excessive stress.

Contrary to what one might anticipate, bed-wetting is not associated with dreams. Most typically, episodes of enuresis occur in the first third of the evening, during non-REM (rapid eye movement) sleep (a time of low dream activity).

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Research suggests that if both parents have a history of bed-wetting, their offspring has a 77% chance of being a bed-wetter.
Other guys with less skill on the field, who also were bed-wetters, suffered more taunting than I.
Bill, Coronation Street's Ken Barlow, was put in a special dormitory for bed-wetters at his stuffy boarding school.
For example, while it is estimated that only 15% of all children are enuretic, this figure increases to 45% when one parent was enuretic and 75% if both parents were bed-wetters.
Just a couple of weeks ago I warned in this column about the menace posed by this unelected bunch of bed-wetters.
2Keane Hopes And Fears The Darkness branded them bed-wetters after singer Tom Chaplin accused the Lowestoft band of being a joke.