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The heirloom remains in the weaver's family, handed down along with a small hooked tool the weaver "used to pull up wefts in the looped-pile designs" and a recollection that he could "weave eighteen inches of pulled looped-pile in a day." (60) In neighboring Alabama, a study of woven bedcovers found that the term "counterpane" consistently referred to a white bedcover with a raised pattern.
(6) When introducing the quilt and bedcover makers within the Townsend and Pope families, it is important to note that the family links are often complex and confusing.
The Bahraini mother handmade the bedcover in around 10 days and it took 5,000 minutes to complete her creation.
Page two: Three tiered chandelier with amethyst glass beads and baroque crystal drops (pounds 76) from Graham and Green, Inset: String of twinkling rose lights (pounds 74) Earth Tones.; Chandelier in mirror (pounds 250), wall sconces (pounds 89.50), mirror with crown (pounds 530), turquoise vase (pounds 37), bowl (pounds 22) from Graham and Green; Velvet and silk bedcover and pillow shams in plum (pounds 395), patchwork cushion (pounds 174), bob bon pouffe (pounds 325) from Earth Tones
The duck egg wool throw with silk trim, pounds 130; quilted bedcover, pounds 260, and striped silk fringed bedcover, pounds 260.
There's even a matching blue bedcover (pounds 145) for a real harem feel.
In the summer I tend to remove the bedspread and just show crisp white linen but now without so much sunshine the bedroom looks more finished and warmer with a bedcover. A throw would work equally well.
"Choose high quality bed linen, such as Egyptian cotton, or super luxurious silk sheets and top with an oversized bedcover as sensual texture is all important and will make you feel cherished and nurtured."
And Marks & Spencer's luxurious velvet bedcover in rich chocolate, pounds 145, would make you feel like a cherished princess
I pulled the bedcover over her so she could get her head down for another hour or so.
If you have a really beautiful duvet cover you do not need a bedcover at all, but bedcovers can add to the overall design of the room.
The Dubai Court of First Instance jailed the 21-year-old Emirati detainee to three months after Presiding Judge Hamad Abdul Latif Abdul Jawad convicted him of deliberately setting his bed and bedcover on fire, and endangering the lives of policemen and other detainees at Al Rashidiya Police Station.