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A spokesman for Beefeater said:"He remembers the station way back to the early 1920s and is an ideal person to be performing the ceremony" Before the big event, John said: "We don't want much fuss or bother but I am pleased to be involved.
Choice of food: This is pub grub and, as you'd expect in a Beefeater, it's not light on the meat front.
There are the Beefeaters who deal with the daily invasion of tourists, curators who are restoring the buildings, a Gaoler performing time-honoured ceremonies and the Raven Master, who looks after the Tower's famous birds.
The new Beefeater Pink offers a citrus profile alongside a natural, fresh, fruity strawberry note, celebrating a taste of summer and of course, an insta-worthy drink ready for the gram.
The letter read: "We believe as the Coldra Beefeater are so clearly unable to meet your requirements in terms of the food quality and the level of service provided, that it would be appropriate if you would kindly refrain from visiting the restaurant in future."
Simon Lee, partner of LXi REIT Advisors Ltd said: "We are pleased to be forward purchasing this new Premier Inn hotel and Beefeater restaurant at an attractive yield.
In a letter to Conwy council, their agent said: "The parent company of the proposed Premier Inn hotel operator, Whitbread Plc, proposes to take the lower ground restaurant unit for their own Beefeater restaurant chain.
Ms Cameron became the first woman Beefeater in 2007, ending hundreds of years of it being an all-male post - and is thought to still be the only one.
Times have changed since Beefeater launched in 1974 as a medium rare rival to the bigger Berni Inns, although the group's latest Midland opening still sticks largely to the tried and tested.
The Halifax Beefeater restaurant offers guests a casual dining experience and features a newly developed menu focusing on steak as well as modern twists on classic dishes.