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What does it mean when you dream about a beggar?

There are some obvious associations with a beggar, such as feeling needy or feeling one has to beg for what one wants. Perhaps a feeling of failure (one is “reduced to begging”). Finally, it may represent inner needs or desires one does not feed, and which have thus reduced the person to the status of beggar.

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The events at The Oval late on Friday beggar description. After being bowled out for 217, the hosts received a gentle warning from umpires Merv Kitchen and Nigel Llong for the lifting of the quarter-seam - the same cross-seam over which the Surrey bowlers of more than a decade ago were reported at least four times for the crudest of interference.
"The circumstances involving the visit to Wales beggar description. Your victim must have been extremely gullible to fall for it.
The numbers of gophers and ground squirrels simply beggar description and the lodging, meals, guide service and scenery were fabulous.