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What does it mean when you dream about a beggar?

There are some obvious associations with a beggar, such as feeling needy or feeling one has to beg for what one wants. Perhaps a feeling of failure (one is “reduced to begging”). Finally, it may represent inner needs or desires one does not feed, and which have thus reduced the person to the status of beggar.

References in classic literature ?
Martin, stopping as you ride gallantly through the world to share your cloak with the beggar.
Then he added to himself: "These English Revolutionists are all beggars and ill-bred.
For the second time the door opened--or rather was burst open, this time, as Uggug rushed violently into the room, shouting "that old Beggars come again
The son tossed a silver coin through the sunlight, grumbling something about beggars and jugglers.
Crowding the narrow streets in front of them are beggars, who beg forever, yet never collect any thing; and wonderful cripples, distorted out of all semblance of humanity, almost; vagabonds driving laden asses; porters carrying dry-goods boxes as large as cottages on their backs; peddlers of grapes, hot corn, pumpkin seeds, and a hundred other things, yelling like fiends; and sleeping happily, comfortably, serenely, among the hurrying feet, are the famed dogs of Constantinople; drifting noiselessly about are squads of Turkish women, draped from chin to feet in flowing robes, and with snowy veils bound about their heads, that disclose only the eyes and a vague, shadowy notion of their features.
This whole legion had closed in behind him, and his three beggars held him fast.
Dost thou not remember that night thou and Will Stutely and Friar Tuck and I passed at that same hostelry with the two beggars and the strolling friar?
The beggars can stay under the water as long as they like, they just pop up and show their heads, and if they don't like the look of anything near, down they go again.
Quicker, however, than the breeze, the withered, sallow arms of the beggars were thrust in, accompanied by the eternal whine of "Miserabili, miserabili, excellenza
As if tramp cats and mangy dogs weren't bad enough but you must needs bring home ragged little beggars from the street, who--"
For our Lowland beggars -- even the gownsmen themselves, who beg by patent -- had a louting, flattering way with them, and if you gave them a plaek and asked change, would very civilly return you a boddle.
Let us be beggars,' said the child passing an arm round his neck,