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What does it mean when you dream about a beggar?

There are some obvious associations with a beggar, such as feeling needy or feeling one has to beg for what one wants. Perhaps a feeling of failure (one is “reduced to begging”). Finally, it may represent inner needs or desires one does not feed, and which have thus reduced the person to the status of beggar.

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It beggars belief that a family member said one resident had been waiting for a while to go to the toilet and had kept asking staff.
It beggars belief that their diets could produce such a drastic effectKathryn Harley, former dean of the faculty of Kathryn dean of the faculty of dental surgery at the Royal College of Surgeons
It's a pity the prize this year doesn't offer much in the way of competition (how Jeremy Deller didn't make the cut for his extraordinary The Battle of Orgreave beggars belief), but Gillick more than deserves to walk home with the [pounds sterling] 20,000 this time around.
"The daily dose of scare tactics simply beggars belief. It isn't working."
I wish I could say the same of some health staff, whose lack of understanding, never mind training, beggars belief.
THE story about the Aberdeenshire baker who went up the Scottish mountains in mid-winter alone with a compass and mobile that didn't work beggars belief.
THAT politicians throughout Europe can have been so easily misled into believing a single currency could be applied throughout the EU with its numerous diverse economies, beggars belief.
At Grimsby Crown Court Judge David Tremberg blasted the pair, saying the case "beggars belief", and sentenced 40-year-old Hunt to nine years' imprisonment and the woman to five-and-a-half years' behind bars.
It beggars belief that while repairing the roof, no-one thought to check the ceilings, lights and joists and it had to close for a second time."
WELL, it beggars belief, the European courts have once more told our parliament here in the Unites Kingdon that migrants in Britain are not getting enough benefits.
I SAW your story about beggars in the Echo and you asked people what they thought ("Beggars belief", December 15).
TO give James Bulger's killer Jon Venables a 42in TV to watch the World Cup beggars belief. He told prison officers his eyesight is too poor to see a smaller set.