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What does it mean when you dream about a beggar?

There are some obvious associations with a beggar, such as feeling needy or feeling one has to beg for what one wants. Perhaps a feeling of failure (one is “reduced to begging”). Finally, it may represent inner needs or desires one does not feed, and which have thus reduced the person to the status of beggar.

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ANDY Goldsworthy's exhibition at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park almost beggars description, so wide is its scope and so painstaking has been its execution.
THE horror of a mother who found her two-year-old daughter dead in a pond near her Warwickshire nursery school beggars description.
True to its title, the play beggars description but revolves around Frasier Outer Ring the IV, who rails about the sullied arts of photography (black-and-white, I suppose) and, of course, jazz.