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beggin, begging

1. A dwelling of larger size than a cottage.
2. In the north of England and in Scotland, a house.
3. A term especially applied to a hut covered with mud or turf.
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These dogs, it must be allowed, were of more use than the beggary curs of cities.
The horrible thought of want and beggary drove her once to think she would go back to her uncle and aunt and ask them to forgive her and have pity on her.
The rigid formality of the place suffocated her: the prayers and the meals, the lessons and the walks, which were arranged with a conventual regularity, oppressed her almost beyond endurance; and she looked back to the freedom and the beggary of the old studio in Soho with so much regret, that everybody, herself included, fancied she was consumed with grief for her father.
The disgrace is, for one o' the family to ha' married a man as has brought her to beggary.
I found,' said the single gentleman, 'you most unaccountably, in possession of everything that had so recently belonged to another man, and that other man, who up to the time of your entering upon his property had been looked upon as affluent, reduced to sudden beggary, and driven from house and home.
He was booked along with the others under the beggary prevention Act on August 4.
A family of man and woman including children on a donkey cart, a group of women carrying infants, bandaged arm of a young man, middle age men showing disabilities, barefoot child, she-males and others selling low quality products, are the most common kinds of using beggary as a tool.
For securing the future of children forcefully involved in the heinous activity of beggary, 13 girls and 2536 boys were sent to Child Protection Centre established under Human Rights Division of Ministry of Law Justice and Human Rights.
Unless something is done in an organized manner, we will not be able to stop the scourge of poverty and beggary.
Contrary to the PMLN mollifying statements in pre-election campaigning, a bigger beggary bowl - perhaps far bigger than that of PPP's -- has been picked up and disseminated to the rich nations, World Bank and IMF soon after attaining the helm of the country.
Of these, 1,593 cases were of kidnapping for marriage, 414 were for illicit sex, 92 for unlawful activity, 101 for prostitution and the rest for various other things like slavery, beggary and even selling body parts.
ISLAMABAD -- Islamabad Capital Territory Administration (ICTA) has launched an 'Anti Beggary Campaign' against the beggars who have flocked various capital markets and formed a cell at Deputy Commissioner office, said an official on Tuesday.