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beggin, begging

1. A dwelling of larger size than a cottage.
2. In the north of England and in Scotland, a house.
3. A term especially applied to a hut covered with mud or turf.
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However, using a child for beggary is also a criminal offence.
Then, the causes of beggary have been discussed with special emphasis on the primary causes which are increasing levels of poverty, social factors, medical and biological factors, criminal mafias as well as the influx of Afghan refugees.
She said the government should introduce effective legislation to curb beggary not only in Islamabad but also other urban centers across the country.
Police say due to beggary many evil practices have come into existence which are destroying not only our social norms but also creating law and order situation.
The "theatre" in the title of Paola Pugliatti's Beggary and Theatre in Early Modern England should be taken in a general rather than a specific sense, as should "early modern England.
He also describes the intersection of beggary with witchcraft.
EVERTON supporters have lauded the progress of Marco Materazzi since his rise from Goodison beggary to San Siro splendour.
18) Of course, family and kinship ties were exceedingly important in the Chinese tradition, although in modern China "the line between extreme poverty and beggary is frequently so narrow that the passage from one to the other is an exceedingly easy one.
She is used by men and uses them in turn to become a successful Broadway actress, while George Hurstwood, the married man who has run away with her, loses his grip on life and descends into beggary and suicide.
In the most powerful chapters of the novel, he loses his job during the Panic of 1893, sinks into paralyzing apathy, descends to beggary after Carrie leaves him, and commits suicide in a Bowery flophouse.
He, however, said the government had taken practical steps to discourage beggary in the province.