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Prominent Windows blogger Paul Thurrott noted the Reuters story, but begged off providing details.
I fired two shots out of politeness and then begged off when someone tried to hand it to me a second time.
Last night I begged off Welsh lessons, I spent the night in - I used the excuse that Caiti wasn't feeling that well
The resulting guilt was overwhelming, and Long begged off the ICU staff.
Augustine came to know the implications but begged off, "Grant me chastity and self-restraint, but not yet" (Conf.
When a news source called a Post reporter with a story tip, the reporter begged off, saying he "had no time to talk now because he was learning how to reconnect with people.
When asked about the current debate over immigration, he again begged off, saying it was not his role to comment on a nation's "internal" issues.
One of my sources called with some follow-up info, and I talked to her awhile and then begged off.
The bare form puts him in with a chance, but the jockey that day, Quinn, has begged off to ride Lucido, and I'm concerned about the lack of quality in his pedigree.
Fearing violent reprisals, most Alliance members begged off and took what few concessions they could get from worried plantation owners.
pirate who begged off execution due to motherhood, but never the guineaman, the driver,
Two-time MVP June Mar Fajardo has practically begged off because of plantar faciaitis in his foot, Marc Pingris said that he won't be available until Aug.