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beggin, begging

1. A dwelling of larger size than a cottage.
2. In the north of England and in Scotland, a house.
3. A term especially applied to a hut covered with mud or turf.
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Sharaf Al-Qalisi, head of the anti-begging project in Sana'a, said that beggars are only prevented from begging in some places in the city, like public squares and the main intersections.
Part II of this article discusses what is meant by 'begging', the ways in which begging constitutes a 'problem', and the common public interest in responding to that problem, with particular reference to the Victorian and Melburnian context.
Councillor Jonathan Dulston, Darlington Council's cabinet member for community safety, said: "We know many people also want to do what they can to help, but giving money to someone begging is not always the best way to do so.
Begging is prohibited in Bahrain and offenders face jail and fines.
The rescue team always runs across the province wherever they see a child begging. They take them to the center of Child protection Bureau, where they fully facilitate them educationally and financially.
Public nuisance: City to move beggars from streets to shelters'We keep any child found begging with the bureau.
Farouq, who has made Al Madina supermarket in Al Mahtta area as his permanent begging spot, said that he is well-educated and has been staying in the country legally for the last four years.
He said that begging has become a profession and it is spreading over in Hyderabad with rapid pace causing not only bad name of the city but it also depriving zakat, fitrana, sadqat and khairat to those who really deserved charity amount.
They think that begging is the easiest way of living.
Begging has turned into an organized business in city with mafia controlling key locations where they deploy their own lackeys or lease out ground to others on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, she said.
The majority of people sentenced for begging were made to pay fines (501), of which two had to fork out between PS301-PS500.
GREATER Manchester Police are currently arresting about 20 people a month for the criminal offence of 'begging in a public place.' The crackdown appears to have evolved over the summer without any fanfare and marks a significant shift in direction.