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McCarthy was left to rue two early chances which went begging off Nenad Milijas' set-pieces.
Life is what we make it," says Abdullah, begging off so he can resume tooting his clarinet.
Begging off "Islam and the West," which suffers from current unavoidably negative implications and from being framed between "two crudely cast identities," he advocates for understanding between attitudes shaped by the Qur'an and those arising from the historical interplay between mainly Christian and secular understandings.
AGONY: Freddie Flintoff sees a chance go begging off his bowling yesterday; ALI OOPS: Misery for Kabir as Pakistan clinch a 13-run victory; SKIPPER'S DEMISE: Pakistan's fielders celebrate as Marcus Trescothick plays on to supersub Arshad Khan; SO UNLUCKY: Kabir Ali