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Vega on probation for one year, to begin upon his release from custody.
Installations are scheduled to begin upon AMA receiving all necessary certifications for the Boeing 737-700, with no issues being anticipated for completion of the certifications.
At the meeting, Aselah affirmed the work of implementation will begin upon obtaining lands directly, adding the project will be implemented in three phases.
According to Skerrit, work on the West Coast Road will begin upon completion of the Chinese-Funded $34 million Windsor Park Sports Stadium.
The second phase will begin upon the Foundation accepting a guaranteed maximum price proposal from Bovis for the main construction of the project.
The new terms for two of the positions will begin upon appointment by the City Council and will continue through Dec.
In addition, with regard to the tube-feeding question above, since the resident had a 60-day break in skilled services while at home, a new benefit period would begin upon readmission to the SNF.
The term of office will begin upon appointment and will run through October 1,2000 for those members residing in the First, Third and Fifth appellate districts, and through October 1,2003, for those residing in the Second and Fourth districts.
Notes: term: the resulting contract with the awarded bidder shall begin upon execution and end june 30, 2018.
Krylov's employment with the company will begin upon his satisfaction of certain conditions of his prior employment, which is expected on or before 2 January 2014.
Construction of the Kemin-Almaty line will begin upon completion of the feasibility study.