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behavioural approach

a theoretical and empirical approach within US POLITICAL SCIENCE which emphasizes the importance of sociological and psychological determinants of political actions and behaviour rather than confining attention, as is traditional in political science, to narrowly political processes, e.g. constitutional arrangements, legislative procedures. See POLITICAL BEHAVIOUR; compare BEHAVIOURISM.
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As part of the family firm's behavioural approach to health and safety, Jones Bros introduced a 'Together Safer' pledge, which encourages all staff to take personal ownership of health and safety.
Conduct Risk Management: Using a Behavioural Approach to Protect Your Board and Financial Services Business
"Traffic safety measures also need to be taught at educational institutions from the lower grades so that children can grow up with a natural sense of responsible behavioural approach towards driving and road safety," the MoI official added.
Life coaching; a cognitive behavioural approach, 2d ed.
The guide worked because it uses acognitive behavioural approach, which studies have shown is effective for some people more than antidepressants.
Samantha told Business Post: "This is a behavioural approach which has been shown to inspire and improve learning outcomes.
The company said that these inventions relate to PCTEL Secure's ProsettaCore and a behavioural approach to securing mobile devices and fixed networks.
Flint Pavilion Leisure Centre held a 10-week multidisciplinary pilot scheme, using a behavioural approach to explore cognitive techniques, as well as providing essential nutritional information and exercise programmes.
He noted that myopia is not curable or reversible, but there are promising interventions using optical and behavioural approaches that can help slow the progression and prevent people becoming highly myopic.
Behavioural approaches include relaxation training, hypnosis and biofeedback.

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