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What does it mean when you dream about beheading?

A dream of being beheaded may indicate traumatic memories about bad judgments and wrong decisions made by the dreamer. The head symbolizes the intellect, so beheading can also represent alienation from feelings or from one’s own body. (See also Decapitation, Guillotine).

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A group calling itself Ansar al-Jihad group claimed it would behead the three in 48 hours unless Allawi and his government release all female and male detainees in Iraq and lift the Fallujah siege.
To murder and even behead a helpless person is as ruthless as it is cowardly,'' she said.
Earlier, another Arab TV station broadcast video showing three hooded gunmen threatening to behead a Turkish hostage within three days unless the Americans release all Iraqi prisoners and all Turks leave Iraq.
Militants loyal to suspected al Qaida terrorist Abu Musab alZarqawi have threatened to behead three Turkish hostages, fanning tensions as President Bush visited Turkey for the Nato summit.
His captors threatened to behead him unless all Iraqi prisoners were freed.
We totally condemn this action of barbarism, an action which shows what the world is dealing with, with these kinds individuals who behead somebody or murder somebody in cold blood,' he said.