behind the power curve

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i. The curved surface of a propeller blade. It corresponds to the upper surface of the airplane's wing. Also called a blade back.
ii. The back of the power curve, where any decrease in speed results in a disproportional increase in drag. A stage may be reached when even with full power the aircraft may continue to sink. Also referred to as behind the power curve and backside of the power curve.
iii. The top part or the upper surface area of an airplane, especially of an airplane's fuselage, referred to in such contexts as “to fly on its back.”
iv. The back seat (rear cockpit) of a two-seater combat or trainer aircraft.
v. The changing of wind direction in the anti-clock-wise direction. When the wind direction changes in the anticlock-wise direction, it is called backing when the change is clock-wise, it is called veering.
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In our very legislatively conservative state, Georgia has been somewhat behind the power curve when it comes to progressive changes; however, recruitment and retention issues continue to impact safe staffing and we are re-prioritizing our efforts to develop a strategy for addressing the projected nursing shortage in the state.
Even though the Air Force prides itself on forward thinking, I think we are far behind the power curve when it comes to COIN.
Since my attention (what exists before 0600) had been drawn to the pretty flashing lights and cool flares, I was a little behind the power curve when my friend in the pickup was braking.