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in philosophy, commitment to something, involving intellectual assent. Philosophers have disagreed as to whether belief is active or passive; René Descartes held that it is a matter of will, while David Hume thought that it was an emotional commitment, and C. S. Peirce considered it a habit of action. Compared to faith and probability, the concept of belief has received little attention from philosophers.
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So I believe in God And I have faith And he will protect mankind Who have faith in him.
A survey of 2,060 people showed 53 per cent believe in life after death, 55 per cent believe in heaven and 70 per cent believe in the human soul.
A survey of 2,060 people showed 53% believe in life after death, 55% believe in heaven, and 70% believe in the human soul.
I believe that angels Watch children as they sleep I believe that true love Is a gift you have to keep.
An even more important part of that mission is to get you to believe in yourselves.
Surely, a little research on disputed ideas can help us determine what to believe.
I believe by giving them the appropriate Catechism sections as well as reciting the Nicene Creed, the concerns an evangelical may have about a Catholic's salvation may be alleviated.
Researchers have also attempted to understand how children identify an individual as being disabled and what they believe to be the cause of various types of disabilities.
I Believe: I believe in the power,/I believe in the force/I believe there's a heaven above/I believe in the mystery of a baby's smile/I believe in the power of love//I believe in the triumph of right over wrong/I believe there is strength for today/I believe in the dawn that follows the dark/I believe love will find a way//I believe father time is an endless past/Who tells all we need to know/I believe all our striving will finally cease/And we'll rest just beyond the shore
Although the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) recommended the CF be elevated and designated as authoritative literature, once improvements to the framework have been completed, FASB does not believe the CF is ready to be so elevated at this time.
What I believe happened to us, however, was that the sustained expansion of the 1990s caused management, boards and perhaps, even to some degree, auditors to become a little bit complacent about their essential roles in our capital markets process.
Executives were asked to fill out a simple form, answering three basic questions for the calendar year 2004: How do you believe each of the office, multifamily, retail and hotel sectors will perform?