bell curve

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The majority of sites exist in that meaty area of the bell curve more heavily impacted by the trailing edge of the technology curve.
The bell curve is a representation of how often something happens (or should happen if used to project into the future).
I was just happy for bell curves, and their use to normalize a distribution.
High-volume events are indeed on the far end of the bell curve of likelihood, like house fires.
The good news: You can train yourself to hit the positive end of the bell curve. Here are some suggestions to get you started:
Bolstorff: There is a spectrum of corporate awareness that follows a pattern similar to a bell curve. Corporate leaders on the far right of the bell curve have recognized that supply chain performance is affected by multiple dimensions of which people play a critical role; they include talent development as part of their overall strategic plans.
Bell curve is a tool used to achieve this intent and the tools may evolve basis the market dynamics but the intent will still be the same".
Namely, the fundamental assumptions that underlie the historical audit process--just as with the risk models--are those of the comfortable and familiar "bell curve," with its attention to so-called tail risks and its reliance on the regressive principles of the law of large numbers.
In the world of statistics, "sigma" is the term for one standard deviation from the mean--that is the average--in a normal distribution, known as the "bell curve." You're probably most familiar with the bell curve from your college days, when professors often graded on a bell curve.
The real world of psychotherapy is less Lake Wobegone and more bell curve. Most clinicians get good results, some get excellent results, and some, very poor.
Through 60 medical record reviews, the author found the neurologic bell curve (especially related to anxiety) was the one most frequently missed by health care team members.
Kamau Bell Curve: Ending Racism in About an Hour,'' 8 p.m.