bell joint

bell-and-spigot joint, bell-and-socket joint, spigot-and-socket joint

bell-and-spigot joint
A connection between two sections of pipe, the straight spigot end of one section is inserted in the flared-out end of the adjoining section; the joint is sealed by a caulking compound or with a compressible ring.
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Insertion of cameras for pipe integrity inspections or to identify and map the location of bell joints in advance of keyhole bell joint repairs can be done through an 18-inch diameter keyhole into a live gas main.
HOBAS delivered a flush joint sliplining pipe that had precisely the same diameter at the pipe barrel and the bell joint; this also facilitated installation.
We encountered bell joint leak clamps on all bell and spigot joints, as well as double strap iron service saddles that could have hindered the bursting process if a guide head wasn't use."
The interlocking bell joint on Yelomine IB eliminates the need for couplings, making assembly easy and rapid, without the need to purchase butt fusion equipment.
The system is composed of lengths of cast-iron pipe connected at bell joints. Initially, the gas that ran through those pipes was produced from coal and was moist.
Photo: Bell joints of terra cotta drainpipe cap vent openings fromsteel firebox inside concrete fireplace in Sonoita, Arizona.
Research and development work is under way aimed at perfecting a method for live, insitu scaling of large diameter, 16- to 24-inch cast iron bell joints. Steps in the process will involve entering a low-pressure gas distribution system, locating the joints, preparing the inner surfaces, and sealing.
Standard low profile bell joints use a coupling laminated to the pipe end to form the bell and a grooved spigot with an O-ring gasket.