bell curve

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An example of this bell-shaped curve and deer antlers occurred a number of years ago under the direction of wildlife biologist Dr.
The stainless-steel bell-shaped putter head has a small face with a hollowed-out bottom.
The Frauenkirche was a famously beautiful baroque church built between 1726 and 1743, with a bell-shaped dome that rivalled those of St Peter's in Rome and the Duomo in Florence.
Twists Christmas Bell is a 215g bell-shaped container of individually wrapped filled chocolates, which transforms into a dispensing bowl for sharing.
Moorish touches include rounded arches, bell-shaped pinnacles, and intricately carved columns.
Completed in 1738, it was one of the great masterpieces of Baroque church architecture, its bell-shaped stone dome dominating Dresden's skyline.
has resurrected the clever bell-shaped beurrier used in 16th-century France to prevent butter from spoiling while keeping it creamy and aromatically delicious.
And more than 15,000 people took to the streets to see the return of the bell-shaped dome to the city skyline, 60 years after Allied bombs destroyed it.
The Belgian scientist Adolphe Quetelet had shown that the chest sizes of Scottish soldiers followed a statistical bell-shaped curve.
also commercialized its first corrugator-formed part in 1989--a small ribbed, bell-shaped dust cover for shock absorbers, made on a Cullum corrugator.
Medium-sized, bell-shaped leaves are the backdrop for these flowers.