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, any of the New World tropical birds of the family Cotingidae. Cotingas range from N Argentina to the southern border of the United States; most are forest species and inhabit the highest treetops.
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(Procnias alba), a bird of the family Cotingidae of the order Passeriformes. The body of the bellbird is about 25 cm long. The male is white and the female is greenish. At the base of his beak the male has a bare, black, muscular caruncle. When the male makes a melodious bell-like call, the caruncle, which possibly acts as a resonator, becomes noticeably longer. Bellbirds are found in the mountain forests of the Guianas.

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Dismayed by this act of treachery and unable to talk him down to return what was rightfully theirs, the bellbirds lit a fire that quickly filled the lizard man's cave with smoke.
You hear the last silvery chime of the bellbird as the rugged track melds into a harmless, sandy path that takes you through grass to the water of Milford Sound.
EVENT: Kentor Gold Limited (KGL) is pleased to announce further high grade results from diamond drilling at the Bellbird Deposit of the Jervois Copper-Silver-Gold Project in the Northern Territory: 10m @ 4.
A seed that's dispersed by a bellbird has a better chance of surviving as a seedling," says Wenny These seedlings were only half as likely to catch a fungus disease, perhaps because bellbirds perch in relatively sunny spots.
Now complete and operating, the new substation will provide greater network capacity and reliability for homes and businesses (including major shopping and industrial facilities) in Bellbird Park, Collingwood Park, Goodna, New Chum, Redbank and Redbank Plains.
He found one such male bellbird, and after recording this bird over several days, together with a normal-sounding Bare-throated Bellbird in another cage in the same courtyard, Fandino-Marino traced the history of the odd singer.
Studies have shown that nesting success of the Guianan Cock-of-the-rock (Rupicola rupicola) and Bearded Bellbird (Procnias averano) are low because of unfavorable climatic factors and predation (Snow 2004).
A possible explanation is the "song relearn hypothesis" proposed by Kroodsma (2004) to explain temporal song variation in dialects of the Three-wattled Bellbird (Procnias tricarunculatus).
Far friendlier residents are the yellow-eyed penguins nesting in the dense silver rata forest and bellbirds whose syrupy electronic song is the sweetest music to my ears.
Or a discussion of pedagogical responses to the declining populations of Regent Honeyeaters and Crested Bellbirds in central Victoria?
Wildlife is abundant with tuis and bellbirds filling the forests surrounding the beaches with song, while in the water you can see blue penguins, seals and dolphins.