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cotinga (kōtĭngˈgə), any of the New World tropical birds of the family Cotingidae. Cotingas range from N Argentina to the southern border of the United States; most are forest species and inhabit the highest treetops. Although there is great variation in appearance among these birds, all have broad bills with slightly hooked tips, rounded wings, and strong short legs. Some species are dull-colored, with little difference between males and females; in many species, however, the males are brightly colored and have curiously modified wing and head feathers. The umbrella birds (genus Cephalopterus), found from Central America to Argentina, have a black, umbrellalike crest, which is raised and expanded during courtship displays, and feathered throat wattles nearly as long as the bird itself. The bellbirds (genus Procnias), found from Central America to Argentina, have a distinctive bell-like call; they are marked by feather-studded, fleshy protuberances drooping over their bills. Both the male and the female cock-of-the-rock (genus Rupicola) are marked by a fan-shaped crest of feathers, which extends from bill tip to the top of the head. There are two cock-of-the-rock species; in R. rupicola, of the Guianas, the male is golden-orange with black wings and tail, while in R. peruviana, of the Andes, the male is bright red with similar markings. In both species the female is olive brown. The cock-of-the-rock, a terrestrial bird, performs a communal mating ritual in which males go through stylized stances and acrobatics. There are about 90 species of cotingas classified in 33 genera of the phylum Chordata, subphylum Vertebrata, class Aves, order Passeriformes, family Cotingidae.
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(Procnias alba), a bird of the family Cotingidae of the order Passeriformes. The body of the bellbird is about 25 cm long. The male is white and the female is greenish. At the base of his beak the male has a bare, black, muscular caruncle. When the male makes a melodious bell-like call, the caruncle, which possibly acts as a resonator, becomes noticeably longer. Bellbirds are found in the mountain forests of the Guianas.

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There seemed genuine sadness in his eyes as he explained Uluru's spiritual meaning to the Anangu Aborigines who've lived beneath it for 22,000 years, and how clambering all over its sacred ground is as disrespectful to them as Lungkata was to the bellbird brothers when stealing their meat.
Ocotea endresiana fruits are eaten primarily by five species of birds: Emerald Toucanet (Ramphastidae: Aulacorhynchus prasinus), Resplendent Quetzal (Trogonidac: Pharomachrus mocinno), Three-wattled Bellbird (Cotingidae: Procnias tricarunculata), Mountain Robin (Turdidae: Turdus plebejus), and Black Guan (Cracidae: Chamaepetes unicolor), all of which breed in the study site during the fruiting season.
You hear the last silvery chime of the bellbird as the rugged track melds into a harmless, sandy path that takes you through grass to the water of Milford Sound.
The only exception is the Three-Wattled Bellbird (Procnias tricarunculatus) for which annual counts during a six year period estimate 116-248 individuals in Monteverde (Sandoval, 2014).
The announcement follows recent updates on a new high grade copper zone to the west of the Marshall Deposit, high grade copper results 6km south at the Bellbird Deposit as well as the discovery of a previously unknown copper-gold zone (Chubko Prospect) to the south-east.
Golden Thunderbolt took advantage when the leader, Bellbird, broke down after two out in the handicap hurdle.
Of course at this stage I can't possibly say what their treatment would involve but I know I've only got to hear the call of a bellbird to feel 100 per cent better, so I imagine there would be trips to the country (good for the rural economy) as well as participation in the diverse night life that has made our capital such a happening place.
All surface, making explicit that narrative is a conventional game not an imitation of reality, fully accepting of and using the elements of popular culture, even equipped with a self-satisfied bellbird that sings a mock-Manhire poem and has not 'heard of the death of the author' (16)--the book could hardly be more postmodern.
Kentor Gold reports operating results at the Jervois project's Bellbird deposit (page 2)