bellis perennis

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common daisy

common daisy

These aren’t the best-tasting petals — somewhat bitter — but they look great! Remember, bitter is great for digestion and healing.
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Indulge your inner child and have fun with the primary colours - zingy reds, blues and yellows and every shade between on the colour wheel can be harnessed using pansies, wallflowers, bellis perennis, polyanthus, bulbs and cyclamen.
Millions of pansies, bellis perennis, primulas and polyanthus, along with buckets of tulips and daffodil bulbs, will be bedded in for winter before they wake with a flourish and provide our beloved and traditional display of colour early next year.
Bellis Perennis 12x can be taken following delivery along with Arnica 30c to heal tissue damage.
This year we're planting out daisies, Bellis perennis, annual pansies (which are cultivars of the Viola wittrockiana) and wallflowers (Erysimum).
BELLIS Perennis 12x can be taken following delivery one powder per day for four doses, together with one daily dose of Arnica 30c to help heal any tissue damage or trauma.
plan | for next spring - now's the time to start sowing seeds of Bellis perennis, polyanthus, pansies and wallflowers so they will be in flower to brighten up the garden in late winter/early spring.
Bellis Perennis 12x can be taken following delivery, along with a daily dose of arnica 30c to help heal tissue damage.
The cultivated, crimson types of daisy, Bellis perennis, and the gold-and-green variegated forms of tough trailing ivy like Hedera helix 'Sagittifolia Variegata' contribute shape and colour for deepest winter.